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Why I Maintain a Healthy Pregnancy Weight to Avoid Complications

Since your lifestyle before conception is so important,  I am glad that we started changing our eating habits many years ago and quit smoking over 2 years before the conception of Baby K.A.M.   We drink smoothies for breakfast, eat lots of fresh fruits & veggies,  salads,  avoiding processed & pre-packaged foods.  Now that there is a beautiful baby boy growing inside of me I know how important it is to keep up my healthy lifestyle and eating habits.  This is a great way to relive any stresses you may have about pregnancy, avoid habits that will cause complications.

fruit granola chia
Granola, Chia Seeds, Yogurt, Fresh Fruit for Breakfast
Baby K.A.M.s Brother said he wants my belly to get bigger so he grilled my favorite veggies.
Baby K.A.M.s Brother said he wants my belly to get bigger so he grilled my favorite veggies.

I will flashback for a minute to my first pregnancy since nothing was healthy about that pregnancy.  I gained 68lbs, way over the recommended 25-35lbs.  I ate everything fast & processed, hell it was easy, fast & inexpensive.  Can you believe my son was only 5lbs 13oz of that weight.  I was very lucky to have a complication free pregnancy & easy delivery.


Now I consciously make my food choices, hormones or not.  I give myself 3 sweet cheats weekly so I don’t go nuts and if I have 4, it won’t kill me.  Like yesterday when I had to have that chewy chocolate brownie for desert.  That is the beauty of having a healthy diet & lifestyle.  Occasional cheats are OK.  Its the daily cheats that become a problem.

Some women are under the impression that you can eat as much and however you want when you are pregnant.  The old saying that you are “eating for two” is a common misnomer that should be addressed.  You don’t necessarily need more calories in your diet, especially in the first trimester.  In the second & third trimesters you will need to increase your nutrient intake but only about 200-300 calories per day.  You and your baby will require more of certain nutrients at different stages of your pregnancy.  Folic Acid is very important during the first trimester since the majority of the body systems are forming at that time.  Later on in pregnancy protein & iron  very important so the baby can grow larger & continue to develop.  I will get more into the development needs during each trimester in a later post.

Piling on pounds causes complications to both baby & mother,  you can see why this is so important & not just a superficial need to be a certain size…I know that with all of the hormones raging & cravings it is not easy, but be sure to have lots of healthy foods readily available.

Lots of Fresh Fruits to snack on
Lots of Fresh Fruits to snack on

Keeping junk food snacks out of the house is important too, outta sight, outta mind.  Oh yeah…and occasionally…have a cheat.  Just not everyday.  It also helps so much if your partner is on the healthy band wagon too…although Papa Bear has sweet cravings.  I’m good as long as I don’t see it, but I think it is cute that dad’s have cravings too.


Being obese during pregnancy increases the risk of various pregnancy complications, including:

  • Gestational diabetes. Women who are obese are more likely to have diabetes that develops during pregnancy (gestational diabetes) than are women who have a normal weight.
  • Preeclampsia. Women who are obese are at increased risk of developing a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to another organ system, often the kidneys (preeclampsia).
  • Infection. Women who are obese during pregnancy are at increased risk of urinary tract infections. Obesity also increases the risk of postpartum infection, whether the baby is delivered vaginally or by C-section.
  • Overdue pregnancy. Obesity increases the risk that pregnancy will continue beyond the expected due date.
  • Labor problems. Labor induction is more common in women who are obese. Obesity can also interfere with the use of certain types of pain medication, such as an epidural block.
  • C-section. Obesity during pregnancy increases the likelihood of elective and emergency C-sections. Obesity also increases the risk of C-section complications, such as wound infections. Women who are obese are also less likely to have a successful vaginal delivery after a C-section (VBAC).
  • Pregnancy loss. Obesity increases the risk of miscarriage.


  • Macrosomia. Women who are obese are at increased risk of delivering an infant who is significantly larger than average (macrosomia) and has more body fat than normal. Research suggests that as birth weight increases, so does the risk of childhood obesity.
  • Chronic conditions. Being obese during pregnancy might increase the risk that your baby will develop heart disease or diabetes as an adult.
  • Birth defects. Research suggests that obesity during pregnancy slightly increases the risk of having a baby who’s born with a birth defect.

I am now 21 weeks and have gained 9lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I am right on track for the recommended 25-35lbs.  The baby’s development is perfect & I feel so good!  I have tons of energy & am very much looking forward to meeting our little miracle.   Even more importantly helping him to stay the pure conscious soul that I know him to be.

BABY K.A.M. 21 Weeks
BABY K.A.M. 21 Weeks

Body Cleanse & Detox


This cleanse is not one that I came up with on my own, so let me not take part for the recipe, only finding & experiencing it.  If I do find the link to the place I downloaded the PDF I promise to give all credit.  I for the life of me cannot remember they authors name but I loved what he was all about & I love this cleanse.  I recommend this cleanse to most all family, friends & clients as a way to detoxify from all of the heavy metals & toxic chemicals that we come into contact with on a daily basis.  There are more toxic materials in our bodies than you can even imagine.  The average American carries 8-10lbs of extra weight in stored toxins in the colon, kidney, liver & fatty layer of skin.  This cleanse will help you to effectively remove these metals & toxins.  It will also help eliminate unwanted pounds and help you feel more energized & vibrant.

How toxic is your body?

Before you begin you must analyze how toxic your body is.  This is very important since by cleansing these toxins you are releasing them back into your system until they are processed out through elimination methods.  These methods include sweating, urination & defecation.  Analyzing the amount of toxins you have is important to know which step to begin with.  You do not want to detox too fast…I repeat…You do not want to detox too fast.  The faster you detox the more chance of experiencing adverse side effects. The side effects are caused by the release of toxins.  That is why water is so important through the entire cleanse.  Water help your body flush away toxins more efficiently.

Read the descriptions below & honestly evaluate which category you fit most into. No judgement, we just need to make sure you start off at the right level for this cleanse to be not only effective but also bearable.  Depending on your level it will tell you the best duration for the cleanse.  Doing cleanses is a change for your body & while change can be difficult, this one is totally worth it.

Caution for all Levels: While cleansing out toxins from our body is a vital part of maintaining a strong like force, it can also have side effects.  If you experience any effects please discontinue use, consume large amounts of water throughout the day and rest your body.  Ensure you are feeling back to yourself again before resuming cleansing.

Detoxing can cause:

  • Headaches-usually occurs in the first few days of the cleanse
  • Frequent Urination-liquid waste is expelled through urination
  • Bowel Disturbances-stool tends to be looser and more frequent
  • Fatigue, Weakness & Lethargy-this is noticed more with the longer cleansing of 8-10 days. Remember to rest and avoid strenuous exercise while cleansing.
  • Bad Breath or Coated Tongue-this can occur during the release of toxins. I recommend use of a tongue scraper to remedy this during your cleanse & after if needed.
  • Intense Hunger Pangs or Cravings-the hardest side effect to manage. If you follow your cleanse your body will not be hungry for nutrients.  Your mind will only be hungry to chew & savor all those toxins we are trying to release.  Just remember that you can do this one day at a time. Drinking lots of lemon & water helps a lot with this.

Toxicity Levels:

Advanced Toxicity:  This person is a fast food junkie.  You never read labels for nutrition details.  Microwave & prepackaged meals fill your cabinets & freezers.  Meat, cheese & dairy are a large part of your diet and at least one of each is consumed at every meal.  Most vegetables are cooked.  You drink less than 1oz of water per pound of body weight.  You apply toxic chemicals through skin care products; make up, detergents, cleaning products, etc.  Body fat percentage is over 25%.

In cases of Advanced Toxicity it is recommended to take it slow.  It is recommended that you only cleanse with the Elixir 1x per day for a period of 3-5 days.  You may eat another 4-5 small meals throughout the day.  Fast, processed & prepackaged foods are not allowed on this cleanse so please pick up lots of fresh fruits & veggies before starting.  This will consist mostly of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and other foods from the Superfoods List. Stay away from pastas, sugars, rice, meat, dairy, coffee.  The rest of cleanse can be followed below just remember to adjust quantities since it will only be 1x daily & not 3x.  Raw Organic herbs tend to have a much shorter shelf life so don’t buy more than you need.  Wait at least 3 weeks after cleanse to move on to more advanced cleanse.  It is a good idea to keep an array of  Superfoods in your diet as well as drinking lots of water.  For more personalized nutrition consulting contact Stephanie@edensbalance.com

Intermediate Toxicity:  This person is kind of health conscious, but only thinks about it ½ the time.  Home cooked meals are a regular occurrence and eating out is only occasional.  Meat, cheese & dairy are consumed only occasionally, but not with every meal.  Most meat consists of fish with very little consumption of red meats.  Lots of fresh fruits & veggies are consumed.  This person will check food labels when they think about it, but will still forget from time to time.  Tries to use products that appear to be natural, but hey, marketing campaigns are genius and designed to trick you. Body fat percentage is 18-24%.

This level is harder to pinpoint since it is very much in the middle and relates to most people trying to do good by their bodies.  The best place to start with this level is Elixir between 1-2x a day for 5-7 days.  You can eat 2 small meals when on this level.  This will consist mostly of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and other foods from the Superfoods List. Stay away from pastas, sugars, rice, meat, dairy, coffee.  Wait at least 3 weeks after cleanse to move on to more advanced cleanse.  It is a good idea to keep an array of  Superfoods in your diet as well as drinking lots of water.  For more personalized nutrition consulting contact Stephanie@edensbalance.com

Low Toxicity:  You make a conscious effort to know exactly what goes into your body.  Fast, pre-packaged foods, quit those years ago.  Diet consists mostly of fruits & veggies at least 80% Vegetarian.  Meat is consumed in very small amounts but it is always free range, anti-biotic free and of course killed using ethical practices.  You only use natural products & probably make your own laundry detergent or at least use an organic brand.

People with Low Toxicity can start of the full 10 day cleanse if they are ready.  Some will start with only 6-8 day cleanse to see how this particular cleanse will work for your body.  When you go back to eating after cleanse, do so slowly.  Your meals should consist mostly of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and other foods from the Superfoods List. Stay away from pastas, sugars, rice, meat, dairy, coffee.  I suggest doing the 10 day cleanse at least quarterly to get out any other toxins that may have accumulated.  It is a good idea to keep an array of  Superfoods in your diet as well as drinking lots of water.


  • Drink a minimum of 1oz of water per pound of body weight. This can be flavored with as much fresh lemon as you like.
  • Balance is the key! Always add Raw Nuts to your Fruits when snacking. This will help with any sugar or protein cravings you may have.  It will also help with the desire to chew foods.
  • You can do this! Your body is worth it.  After a few days you should notice an increase in awareness & energy levels.  Once your body knows what it feels like to be healthy, you won’t have the cravings for most of the non-beneficial food choices.

Supplies you will need for 10 days

  • Blender
  • Distilled Water
  • 3 Mason Jars (16 oz) or equivalent
  • Raw Honey
  • Organic Raw Cacao Powder

These items will be your snacks throughout cleanse:

  • Raw Almonds, Cashews, Lemons with Distilled Water and Organic Apple

These items will need to be fresh so will require stopping by a store a few items throughout 10 day cleanse:

  • 2 bunch of Organic Kale
  • 2 bunch of Organic Spinach
  • 3 bunch of Organic Cilantro
  • 3 bunch of Organic Parsley
  • 2 bunch of Organic Mint


You will be making 3 Elixirs each night for the next day until you are done. Throughout the day when drinking your elixirs it’s important to have Fresh Lemon Water by your side at all times to fuel water soluble Super Nutrients within your body.

Full 10-Day Schedule:

I found that the Elixir takes some time to consume, sipping over a period of time is better than gulping down in one sitting.  This will help you feel satisfied throughout the day (Remember to follow the schedule based on your level of toxicity, see above.  This is for Low Toxicity only)

  • Breakfast: 1 jar of Ancient Elixir, snacks of handful raw nuts and ½ apple
  • Lunch: 1 jar of Ancient Elixir, snacks of handful raw nuts and ½ apple
  • Dinner: 1 jar of Ancient Elixir, snack of handful raw nuts and ½ apple

Ancient Elixir Recipe:

You will be making 3 Mason Jars = 48 oz at a time daily. Make sure they are placed in the blender in the order listed below for less foam and more juice:

  • Medium Handful of Kale
  • Medium Handful of Spinach
  • Medium Handful of Parsley
  • Medium Handful of Cilantro
  • 15 Mint Leaves with 3 Mint Stems. Stems contain powerful phytonutrients needed in the body. Great for pineal gland cleanse as well.
  • 2 Table Spoon of Raw Honey. Super Enzyme and it, also, helps to balance glucose levels making it smoother for you to complete.
  • ½ Table Spoon of Raw Cacao Powder
  • Place all the items in the blender and top it with Distilled Water. Blend it until it is emulsified.
  • Do not add anything else
  • Lemon will be added to your Distilled Water for drinking throughout cleanse. Nuts and Apples are adding essential fats and fructose to help soothe the cleansing journey.

The Cleanse is to help your body to get rid of toxins and raise cellular vibration. Meditation is recommended throughout cleanse if you choose too. Please contact Stephanie@edensbalance.com with any questions or comments.