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COCO JACK: Why you must have one

Everyone knows how beneficial the coconut & all of its parts are.  From the water, to the meat and even the husk, this powerhouse Superfood is definitely a gift from of the gods!  Below are some of the benefits of coconuts but you can find more in depth info on coconuts by clicking here.

Coconut fresh off the tree. Chirije, Ecuador
Coconut fresh off the tree. Chirije, Ecuador

Coconut Water Benefits:  Coconut water comes from young Thai coconuts that are harvested while still green.  They are an excellent source of electrolytes, particularly high in potassium.  Essential to balancing hydration in the body, potassium also helps build muscles & maintain heart function.  It is said that consumption of coconut water can help with high cholesterol, kidney stones & even liver disorders.  I have used coconut water in the past for urinary tract infections, along with other natural remedies, with great success.

Coconut Meat Benefits:  Coconut meat is the white innermost lining of the coconut.  It is so versatile that it can be eaten raw, cooked, or as a preserve. You can top your usual salads with shredded or grated and then lightly toasted coconut meat. You can use a blender to make it into smoothies as well, mixed with organic full-fat yogurt and fruits like bananas and berries.  Coconut meat is high in saturated fat…don’t be afraid…it is a medium-chain fatty acid that breaks down much faster than long-chain fatty acids and is actually said to increase good cholesterol & decrease the bad.  It is also high in fiber, magnesium, potassium & copper.  On top of that it is so yummy!

So as you can see there are many reasons why consuming coconut water and/or meat is great for your overall health.  Please remember that if you are allergic, this does not apply to you.

Fresh Coconut...my absolute favorite treat. Kauai, Hawai'i
Fresh Coconut…my absolute favorite treat. Kauai, Hawai’i


So first let me say that I love young Thai coconuts!  I love the water, it is so refreshing on a hot day.  I also love that I have to work a bit to get the meat out.  It’s something about working for your food, either foraging, growing or preparing.  Unfortunately before I found the Coco Jack on Shark Tank, opening was a difficult process that required a knife.  I would chop off the husk, then wedge the corner of the knife at just the right position.  Then with another object that happened to be sturdy & handy, I would whack the knife.  As you can see this is probably not the safest way, but it was my way.   It was always a messy experience & I always lost a lot of the water in the process.  Every time I opened one I thought of my trip to Ecuador, it looked so much easier with a machete.

Fresh Coconut Yum!! Chirije, Ecuador
Fresh Coconut Yum!! Chirije, Ecuador

Unfortunately I did not get my coconuts for this experience from an exotic location, just my local Harris Teeter store.  I had my kiddo help with the execution of this so I could take pics.  I got the Coco Jack Pack for $49.95.  It is a little pricy but the time & convenience are well worth the price.  They have since added the Coco Pack Deluxe for $88.95, I think the Coco Jack is sufficient for my purposes though.

The Coco Jack Pack includes: 1-Coco Jack, 1-Coco Mallet, 1-Coco Scoop & 1-Coco Sack


STEP 1: Place the Coco Jack on the top of the coconut.  Using the Coco Mallet you whack the Coco Jack a few good times.  FullSizeRender

STEP 2: Once it is wedged inside of the coconut you twist, wiggle and it dislodges a perfect circle, large enough for drinking coconut water or scooping out meat.  It can be a little tough to remove if you have not hammered the Coco Jack enough.



As you can see it takes no more than 5 minutes from start to finish, so simple right?  I thought so too!  Please visit the Coco Jack website for ordering & more information.