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Special Edition Body & Soul Awareness-Detoxing the Body & Mind

On the Special Edition Body & Soul Awareness Radio show was all about Detoxing the Body & Mind.  It was an impromptu show and Oxana was not able to join.  I was able to get Wil Lebron of Love Light Healers to join and give us some great information on Detoxing the body.  Below is the link to the show along with some helpful links on Toxins to Avoid.

Click link to listen to the show:  Special Edition Body & Soul Awareness-Detoxing the Body & Mind (March 2, 2016)


Helpful Links

What is the difference between Organic & GMO?  This is a great page to get tons of information on how to read labels, learn the difference between Organic & GMO food and how to keep organic costs within your budget.  This blog is by,  a site full of great information on wellness.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are a heavy topic right now.  If you want to do a little more research on the subject here are a few links.  They all come to the conclusion that GMOs are bad and make you aware of how to avoid them.

The NON-GMO Project is a great resource for all things GMO.  They have high standards and anything with this label is certified to have less than 0.9% GMO ingredients in the food…funny you would think it would be 100% Non GMO but whatever…it is better than brands that are 100% GMO ingredients.  That’s why I stay away from packaged foods…its safer.  Click Here to see a list of certified Non GMO companies.

Organic.Org is a great resource for all things organic, here is a list of 10 Reasons to Go Organic.

USDA Organic is another common label you will see on products.  Click here to see what the US Government has to say about organic.

Cosmetics Database is a site run by the Environmental Working Group.  They are a non-profit so you can make contributions however the information is FREE!  It is a great resource, simply pull out your products and check out some of the ingredients.  What can it hurt?